The blockchain certification at emlyon business school

emlyon business school, first French business school to adopt the blockchain certification on a large scale
emlyon business school is dematerializing and automating diplomas and certificates, with the help of the BCDiploma start-up, former member of school’s accelerator.
This is an innovative and pioneering initiative as the School is now the first French business school to implement this certification for an entire graduation cohort, representing 2,174 students. Likewise, all graduates, life members of the alumni network of emlyon business school – 18,000 to this day – are to benefit from such evolution as well.

Key figures


of résumés (C.V.) are misleading [1]


of manager position applicants are said to cheat on their résumés (C.V.). [1]


of applicants are said to often indicate degrees different from those they really have. [1]

is what a fake diploma cost in 2015. The penalty for the fabrication or the use of fake diplomas can go up to three years of imprisonment and a €45 000 fine. [2] & [3]

is the maximum fine for fraudulent résumé, with a potential additional two year imprisonment. [3]

4 M of dollars is the amount of money collected in two years by the diploma factory Tri-Valley in 2011. [4]

As cases of forgery are multiplying, it is now paramount for the school to address this issue and secure students diplomas and certificates. So, with the help of the BCDiploma start-up, former member of our accelerator and previously located at the F Station, emlyon business school is dematerializing and automating this documents.

The blockchain certification will come as a complementary feature to the paper diploma or certificate and will be a means to prove the authenticity of training and credentials all throughout the professional career. With just one click, the diploma or certificate is displayed, along with a whole range of elements to prove its authenticity. It will guarantee our graduates an unalterable proof of their experience. For recruiters and other Higher Education schools, this is a mark of confidence and quality, free of the administrative burden.

The technology developed for the blockchain certification is widening the scope of possibilities: other Higher Education schools will soon be able to implement the certification of all their documents, thereby greatly reducing the fraud risk.


Deployment key dates

September 2018

Market analysis:
“How to certify
your diplomas?”

January 2019


June 2019

Proof of concept on 78
graduates of
emlyon business school

April 2020

Deployment of the certification to all graduates and alumni of emlyon business school


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